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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Maguroya Kurogin (まぐろや黒銀)in tsukiji, things to do in Tokyo

if you are looking for things to do in Tokyo, lets go to Tsukiji fish market. I would like to intorduce one of the standing style Tsuna restraunt. Maguroya Kurogin (まぐろや黒銀)is originally Maguro (tuna) broker. but you can enjoy high quality Maguro, it really yummy. “chu-toro” (the belly area of the tuna) is around 1000 – 2000 Yen. “akami” (the leaner meat from the sides),  is around 1000 yen “oo-toro” (fatty-tuna) is around 2000 yen – 3000 yen. you can choose as you want! Advertisements


sashimi (刺身)- Japanese Food

I would like to introduce One of the traditional Japanese food style, Sashimi. Most Japanese love fish, and many like to eat it raw, In the form of sashimi. whenever there is a party, sashimi almost always makes an appearance, and it is also a very popular form probably sushi-ya (sushi restraunt), and when most people go to a sushi-ya they usually order some sashimi first as an hors d`oeuvre with their drinks, and later order nigiri as the meal proper.

English, Japanese Writing class

英語の先生を招いて添削、公正を実施します。 3月18日(土) 19時より六本木にてライティングクラスを実施します! 初心者の方大歓迎! 公正会参加費はなんと無料! 気軽に行えるようBarを貸切って行います。(ドリンク1杯500円) 恥ずかしがらず、参加しましょう! 参加するために・・・ ①英文でブログを書いてみよう ブログで書いたものを印刷し持参してください。 気軽に最初に書いてみましょう! 義務教育を終わっていれば書けないことはありません。実際書いてみてそれを叩き台にしてみましょう。 英文ブログをお持ちでない方は、こちらで用意してありますので 以下から登録しご利用ください。 ご自身ですでにお持ちの方はそちらの利用でOK! (SNSを利用の方はブログ登録してください。SNSはknowledge baseとしては不向きなため) 英文ブログサイト こうしたほうが伝わるよ、ネイティブはこういう表現をする、などが分かると思います。 また口語と文書の違いも指摘してもらいましょう! ※ビジネス文書、公文の添削、公正はいたしません。(商用で使うものは適しません。) 皆さんのご参加をお待ちしております! 予約は以下からお願いします!  

The origin of Japanese characters (kanji) – learn Japanese

Tokyo infomation Hub has Learn Japanese Contents, I would like to talk about Kanji kanji were developed in China in the 14th century B.C these characters spread to the neighboring Korean Peninsula. around the beginning of the 3rd century a man named Wani came to Japan from the ancient nation of Kudara, which was located  across Japan sea on the eastern part of the Korean Peninsula. With him wani brought volumes o the Analects of Confusion  and Senjimon, A Chinese text book for studuing kanji. this was the first time that kanji were introduced to Japan. However it was not until the 4th and 5th centuries, when there was exchange …

my name is…. or this is…… 使い分け知ってます?東京英語勉強会

  自己紹介するときに日本人がよく使う My name is….という表現、あまりネイティブの方が使っている場面を見かけません。 東京英語勉強会ではそういう感覚的なところも紹介したいと思います。彼らはよく hi, this is ….という表現を使っています。 初見の挨拶の際にmy name is ….を使うのは間違っていないそうです。 ただし、例えば電話で、知り合いの人に使うと相当不自然だそうです。 ビジネスの場では当然ながら名乗ることが多いですので、this is….という言い方を覚えておきましょう

sushi (nigirizushi) 寿司(握り寿司)Japanese Food

sushi has some style like as, Nigirizushi, Makizushi, chirashi zushi. I would like to explain most popular style, Nigirizushi this time. Nigirizushi is also know as edomaezushi, from the fact that the original ingredients were caught in the bay front (mae in japanese) of old Tokyo(Edo, classic Tokyo name). originally, sushi was popular food old from mobile stalls know as yatai (Japanese fast food style) It appealed to the busy people  of Edo because quick to prepare and they were bit kept waiting after ordering. basically, sushi ordered a la carte is served in pairs. there are many other kinds, such as hirame (founder), Ika (squid) tako (Octopus) kohada (punctatus) …

Tsukiji Honguwanji (Honganji) 築地本願寺

if you are looking for things to do in tokyo, lets vist Tsukiji Honguwanji. it very close to tsukiji fish market. The history of the Tsukiji Hongwanji The Tsukigi Honguwanji Buddhist Temple is a branch temple of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha denomination, commonly know as Nishi Hongwanji, of which the Mother Temple, Or Honzan, is Located in Kyoto. The history of this temple date back to the year 1617 when Junnyo shonin, the 12th hierarchical leader, or monshu, of the Honguwanji, established a temple at Yokoyama-cho near Asakusa in Edo (old-time Tokyo). Know in those days as the Edo Asakura Gobo, the temple went up in flames in the Great …

Miura Kaigan Sakura Festival 2017

kawazu sakura is early blooming, best timing is Feburary. Flowering time is early, Kawazu is in full bloom in late February around. What pink flower is large and is characterized. “Miurakaigan Cherry Blossom Festival” during the period, in the stalls Miurakaigan station, and then sell the cherry Dorayaki of the Cherry Blossom Festival limited local products, cherry revitalization, radish shochu. Night of the Cherry Blossom Festival held during the Kawazu cherry tree in the front of the station Miurakaigan, is lit up. It is possible to enjoy the Kawazu cherry atmosphere unlike daytime.   11 February, 2017 – 12 March, 2017

Soy Source Spray bottle – must buy in japan

Soy source spray bottle help to control to get salt. you can buy 100yen shop Daiso! Japanese food is well known as healthy. Traditionally, Low fat, and Oil. but we need to consider about salt. one of the major seasoning, Soy source, Miso (Soybeans paste) including many salt. I would like to introduce  soy Source Spray bottle.  when you eat Tofu or Sashimi, you dip in Soy source.  that case, you consume many source, it including salt. In case of if you use soy source spray, You dont  use source so much, but you can taste flavor, because source spread off and flatly entire food. You can get 100 yen …

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