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sakura-hanami things to do in Japan

if you are visit in Japan at Spring, looking for things to do,  I strongly recommend to go hanami, Hanami is to see Sakura (cherry blossom) well, lets check it out below. Hanami, Sakura watching traditional style. some of people gather in a group to enjoy eating and drinking under cherry blossoms. in old times, the day for cherry blossom viewing was fixed and people were required to out to hills or fields. good Sakura watching Locations. Sumida gawa terrace (隅田川テラス) & my favorite place is Sumidagawa terrace. river side Promenade. without sakura, really good city some Japanese drama taking movie here.  you can enjoy walking and watching view, …


I like dog???? ←この間違いわかります? 東京 英語勉強会

  動物が好きな方は多いですよね。 でもよくありがちなこの間違い。 どこが間違いだかわかりますか? 東京英語勉強会では間違いやすい英語をピックアップしていきます。 一匹の犬だけが好き。。。ということはないですよね。 何かの種類について一般的に話す場合、可算名詞であれば複数形を使います。 × I like dog ● I like dogs Do you like only one dog? how about others? When taking about one type of thing generally, we should use the plural form.

Sakadachi サ嘉ダチ – Japanese restraunt

if you plan to go ginza area, let check sadakichi Sakadachi is standing style Izakaya bar. their main food is Oden. Oden is socially good for winter. Also they have good sasimi menu. I ordered aka-ebi (red shrimp) and, yummy tempura too, so they have many classic Japanese food. also very good atmosphere, lets enjoy it!

Mori soba (もりそば もり蕎麦)Japanese noodle

If you interested in Japanese food, lets Try soba. Mori soba is most popular form of cold soba. The soba is served on bamboo rack in a lacquer box, with a small bowl of broth and small dish of chopped green onion and wasabi ( Japanese horse radish) the condiments should be mixed into the broth and the noodle dipped into the mixture before eating. Japanese love soba. lets try it!

Teriyaki burger

Do you know MacDonald has original burger at each country of World. In Japan, they have Teriyaki burger. Teriyaki sauce is soy sauce based sweet sauce. as you know Hamburger is not Japanese food, but, When I stay outside of japan, I missed it! you can buy any Hamburger shop in Japan, around 250-400yen. lets try!

Nihonbashi sakura festival – things to do in Tokyo, in spring

one of the best things to do in TOKYO, at Spring, is Enjoy sakura! Nihonbashi Sakura Festival features a series of spring events for admiring sakura, or cherry blossoms, across the Nihombashi area. NIHONBASHI SAKURA GATE portrays the streets as a river and expresses the elegant falling of sakura petals. A treasure hunt invites participants to stroll the streets admiring sakura and munching on delicacies. And traditional restaurants plus COREDO Muromachi run Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls. At night, Sakura Light-Up illuminates historical buildings such as the Mitsui Headquarters the pale pink hue of sakura. This year Fukutoku-no-Mori, established last September, also hosts an illumination display depicting petals. Enjoy the magical fusion …

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