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sakura-hanami things to do in Japan

if you are visit in Japan at Spring, looking for things to do,  I strongly recommend to go hanami, Hanami is to see Sakura (cherry blossom) well, lets check it out below. Hanami, Sakura watching traditional style. some of people gather in a group to enjoy eating and drinking under cherry blossoms. in old times, the day for cherry blossom viewing was fixed and people were required to out to hills or fields. good Sakura watching Locations. Sumida gawa terrace (隅田川テラス) & my favorite place is Sumidagawa terrace. river side Promenade. without sakura, really good city some Japanese drama taking movie here.  you can enjoy walking and watching view, …


Nihonbashi sakura festival – things to do in Tokyo, in spring

one of the best things to do in TOKYO, at Spring, is Enjoy sakura! Nihonbashi Sakura Festival features a series of spring events for admiring sakura, or cherry blossoms, across the Nihombashi area. NIHONBASHI SAKURA GATE portrays the streets as a river and expresses the elegant falling of sakura petals. A treasure hunt invites participants to stroll the streets admiring sakura and munching on delicacies. And traditional restaurants plus COREDO Muromachi run Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls. At night, Sakura Light-Up illuminates historical buildings such as the Mitsui Headquarters the pale pink hue of sakura. This year Fukutoku-no-Mori, established last September, also hosts an illumination display depicting petals. Enjoy the magical fusion …

English, Japanese Writing class

英語の先生を招いて添削、公正を実施します。 3月18日(土) 19時より六本木にてライティングクラスを実施します! 初心者の方大歓迎! 公正会参加費はなんと無料! 気軽に行えるようBarを貸切って行います。(ドリンク1杯500円) 恥ずかしがらず、参加しましょう! 参加するために・・・ ①英文でブログを書いてみよう ブログで書いたものを印刷し持参してください。 気軽に最初に書いてみましょう! 義務教育を終わっていれば書けないことはありません。実際書いてみてそれを叩き台にしてみましょう。 英文ブログをお持ちでない方は、こちらで用意してありますので 以下から登録しご利用ください。 ご自身ですでにお持ちの方はそちらの利用でOK! (SNSを利用の方はブログ登録してください。SNSはknowledge baseとしては不向きなため) 英文ブログサイト こうしたほうが伝わるよ、ネイティブはこういう表現をする、などが分かると思います。 また口語と文書の違いも指摘してもらいましょう! ※ビジネス文書、公文の添削、公正はいたしません。(商用で使うものは適しません。) 皆さんのご参加をお待ちしております! 予約は以下からお願いします!  

Miura Kaigan Sakura Festival 2017

kawazu sakura is early blooming, best timing is Feburary. Flowering time is early, Kawazu is in full bloom in late February around. What pink flower is large and is characterized. “Miurakaigan Cherry Blossom Festival” during the period, in the stalls Miurakaigan station, and then sell the cherry Dorayaki of the Cherry Blossom Festival limited local products, cherry revitalization, radish shochu. Night of the Cherry Blossom Festival held during the Kawazu cherry tree in the front of the station Miurakaigan, is lit up. It is possible to enjoy the Kawazu cherry atmosphere unlike daytime.   11 February, 2017 – 12 March, 2017

Tsukiji Akimatsuri / Tukisji Autumn Fair

Tsukiji Market has Autumn Festival . they have lecture Event, [How to cook fish] How to cook egg cake, those are very interesting. please check (Japanese only)

Chyuo-ku Oedo Mtauri Aug26 and 27

Chyuo-ku Oedo Mtauri is summer festival in Chuo-ku. Traditional dance (Bon Odori) is main event. anyone can join. if you want, Lets Join it. many people coming but, they have large space.    

Roppongi hills Bon Festival 六本木ヒルズ盆踊り

Annual Bon festival dance. We change into yukata, and let’s dance “Ropponjin ondo(“Roppongi folk dance”)”.Summer feature, Roppongi Hills Bon festival dance. It is the 14th holding in this year.We change into yukata, and, around special oar, let’s dance original “Roppongi leading”. For 27 days, we carry out workshop by students of neighborhood primary schoolchild and special program using KEYAKIZAKA on 28th.Of course original stand by restaurants in Roppongi Hills, traditional game stand open a store a lot.[Friday, August 26]Eve Summer festival Eve!We hold the eve on the day before Bon festival dance!How about enjoying the cool of the evening by stand and attraction in 5 in after? As for the …

Asakusa Samba Carnival Aug27

Asakusa samba carnival is most famous Samba event in Japan. Aug 27, 13:00 start. lets check it!

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