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Restaurant Info

Sakadachi サ嘉ダチ – Japanese restraunt

if you plan to go ginza area, let check sadakichi Sakadachi is standing style Izakaya bar. their main food is Oden. Oden is socially good for winter. Also they have good sasimi menu. I ordered aka-ebi (red shrimp) and, yummy tempura too, so they have many classic Japanese food. also very good atmosphere, lets enjoy it! Advertisements


Teriyaki burger

Do you know MacDonald has original burger at each country of World. In Japan, they have Teriyaki burger. Teriyaki sauce is soy sauce based sweet sauce. as you know Hamburger is not Japanese food, but, When I stay outside of japan, I missed it! you can buy any Hamburger shop in Japan, around 250-400yen. lets try!

Maguroya Kurogin (まぐろや黒銀)in tsukiji, things to do in Tokyo

if you are looking for things to do in Tokyo, lets go to Tsukiji fish market. I would like to intorduce one of the standing style Tsuna restraunt. Maguroya Kurogin (まぐろや黒銀)is originally Maguro (tuna) broker. but you can enjoy high quality Maguro, it really yummy. “chu-toro” (the belly area of the tuna) is around 1000 – 2000 Yen. “akami” (the leaner meat from the sides),  is around 1000 yen “oo-toro” (fatty-tuna) is around 2000 yen – 3000 yen. you can choose as you want!

motsu sen / もつ千 (Japanese Izakaya in Tokyo)

Motsu sen is izakaya style restraunt in Tokyo “Motsu” is gut f Beef, pork, chicken. We eat it barbecue style. you can choose Salt or Teriyaki sauce. I know Western country do not eat gut. you should try it. It is very yummy. this is motsu yaki. barbecue style. some restraunt has Sashimi style too. this restraunt has good price. yummy and discounted price.

Menya Wataru / 麺や わたる Ningyo-cho 人形町

Ramen restraunt Menya wataru is located in Ningyocho. Their Ramen soup is mixed Chiken and seafood stock. Creamy and yummy. I ordered Tukemen, noodle dip soup style.   that was good.  

Peanuts shokudo / ピーナッツ食堂 Thai food

Peanuts shokudo is Thai food restaurant in Ningyo cho. really close to Ningyo cho station A6 exit. you can order how much spicy as you want. Thai curry and Pattai is really good.  one of the good Thai restraunt in Central Tokyo. 1 menu around less than 1000 yen.     

Eternity International bar in Roppongi

I have a many event in Eternity international bar. They have a happy hour 21:00 – 23:00!  1 drink 500 yen! other bar`s happy hour finish around 21:00, but here, you can enjoy around last train!  エタニティバーのハッピーアワーは夜11時まで!なので終電まで楽しめます! Denis is bartender in Eternity bar, he is from N.Y.C. he has working for English teacher before, if you want, you can have a English session. also he love to sing, You can enjoy his 1960‘s song. デニスは元英語の先生なので、飲みに行けば英語を教えてくれるかも!また1960、1970の洋楽を歌わせたら雰囲気合わせて最高です!ぜひ楽しんでください!     Open Hour 21:00 – 05:00 Mon – Sat. Lets have a fun!

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