Japanese Food

Japanese food Explanation

Mori soba (もりそば もり蕎麦)Japanese noodle

If you interested in Japanese food, lets Try soba. Mori soba is most popular form of cold soba. The soba is served on bamboo rack in a lacquer box, with a small bowl of broth and small dish of chopped green onion and wasabi ( Japanese horse radish) the condiments should be mixed into the broth and the noodle dipped into the mixture before eating. Japanese love soba. lets try it! Advertisements


Teriyaki burger

Do you know MacDonald has original burger at each country of World. In Japan, they have Teriyaki burger. Teriyaki sauce is soy sauce based sweet sauce. as you know Hamburger is not Japanese food, but, When I stay outside of japan, I missed it! you can buy any Hamburger shop in Japan, around 250-400yen. lets try!

sashimi (刺身)- Japanese Food

I would like to introduce One of the traditional Japanese food style, Sashimi. Most Japanese love fish, and many like to eat it raw, In the form of sashimi. whenever there is a party, sashimi almost always makes an appearance, and it is also a very popular form probably sushi-ya (sushi restraunt), and when most people go to a sushi-ya they usually order some sashimi first as an hors d`oeuvre with their drinks, and later order nigiri as the meal proper.

sushi (nigirizushi) 寿司(握り寿司)Japanese Food

sushi has some style like as, Nigirizushi, Makizushi, chirashi zushi. I would like to explain most popular style, Nigirizushi this time. Nigirizushi is also know as edomaezushi, from the fact that the original ingredients were caught in the bay front (mae in japanese) of old Tokyo(Edo, classic Tokyo name). originally, sushi was popular food old from mobile stalls know as yatai (Japanese fast food style) It appealed to the busy people  of Edo because quick to prepare and they were bit kept waiting after ordering. basically, sushi ordered a la carte is served in pairs. there are many other kinds, such as hirame (founder), Ika (squid) tako (Octopus) kohada (punctatus) …

motsu sen / もつ千 (Japanese Izakaya in Tokyo)

Motsu sen is izakaya style restraunt in Tokyo “Motsu” is gut f Beef, pork, chicken. We eat it barbecue style. you can choose Salt or Teriyaki sauce. I know Western country do not eat gut. you should try it. It is very yummy. this is motsu yaki. barbecue style. some restraunt has Sashimi style too. this restraunt has good price. yummy and discounted price.

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