sushi (nigirizushi) 寿司(握り寿司)Japanese Food

sushi has some style like as, Nigirizushi, Makizushi, chirashi zushi.

I would like to explain most popular style, Nigirizushi this time.

Nigirizushi is also know as edomaezushi, from the fact that the original ingredients were caught in the bay front (mae in japanese) of old Tokyo(Edo, classic Tokyo name). originally, sushi was popular food old from mobile stalls know as yatai (Japanese fast food style) It appealed to the busy people  of Edo because quick to prepare and they were bit kept waiting after ordering.

basically, sushi ordered a la carte is served in pairs. there are many other kinds, such as hirame (founder), Ika (squid) tako (Octopus) kohada (punctatus) hotategai (scallop) tamagoyaki (sweet egg omelette) and others.

鮑(あわび) abalone
鯵(あじ) horse mackerel
穴子(あなご)conger eel / broiled sea eel with sauce
鰯(いわし) sardine
鰈(かれい)、比目魚(ひらめ)flatfish / flounder
鯨(くじら) whale
おこぜ stingfish
鮭(さけ) salmon
鰆(さわら) spanish mackerel
鯖(さば) mackerel
鮫(さめ) shark
鱸(すずき) sea bass
あんきも angler liver
鰻(うなぎ) eel
赤貝 red clam
雲丹(うに) sea urchin
いくら salmon roe
烏賊(いか) calamari
甘エビ sweet shrimp
鰹(かつお) bonito
蟹(かに) crab
数の子 herring roe
牡蠣(かき) oyster
太刀魚(たちうお) swordfish
鱈(たら) cod
蛸(たこ) octopus
鯛(たい) sea bream
秋刀魚(さんま) saury
蝦蛄(しゃこ)squilla / mantis shrimp
白身魚 white fish
鱧(はも) conger / pike eel
鰤(ぶり) yellowtail
はまち young yellowtail
鮪(まぐろ) tuna
赤身 lean tuna
とろ fatty tuna
中とろ medium fatty tuna
大とろ fattest tuna
なまこ sea cucumber
河豚(ふぐ) blowfish
鰊(にしん) herring
縁側(えんがわ)flounder edge / fluke fin / fin of flatfish

イカ squid / エンガワ flounder edge

マグロ tuna /トロ belly of Tuna





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